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Welcome to my Homepage

Welcome to my Homepage


Objective: Investigative history: building a case to support and oppose an argument before reaching a conclusion.
Skill: To use and evaluate sources
Evaluation to include: who produced it? (position to know)
when was it produced? (contemporary* or later)
why was it produced? (purpose of the source)
Introduction: Starter: If you had been an emigrant in the 1840s what impression would you have had of the native Americans of the Plains?
Using Sources: Sources which might be used to show they were savages, or that they were not savages
Talking points: Which of the sources are useful?
How reliable are those you have selected?
Activity. Using the Evidence: Gathering evidence to support a case, for and against.
Each source to be evaluated, too
Arguing a case, for or against
Reaching a conclusion: Say what you think and support your ideas by giving the main points why you reached this conclusion.
If a source is not reliable can we still use it?
Plenary: Discuss results of the activity: Reach a decision. Discuss the use of sources
Test Question: Using a writing frame to produce a written answer to the question.
A markscheme with levels of response is provided

* You may wish include the primary and secondary distinction here, but it is something which I personally do not consider to be of sufficient importance to include. This is because in itself it does not help to evaluate a source, and it is therefore a digression and one which is conceptually very difficult. I consider that it is much more important to pose the above questions, ie Who? When? Why?

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