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Welcome to my Homepage

Welcome to my Homepage


Objective: Do individuals or other factors shape history?
Skill: To explain causes of an historical event
Introduction: Briefly discuss what caused the rise of Nazi Germany. Conclude that historians disagree about how much it was Hitler the individual and how much other factors: social economic and political were at work. Pupils do not need to use this phraseology to understand the difference ie causes to do with Hitler and not to do with Hitler.
Information sheet: What happened at Sand Creek?
Talking points: Questions arising out of the information
Sequencing: Information needs to be read to complete this. It makes a good starter
Using Sources: Gathering evidence to support a case: copy & paste
Using the Evidence: Arguing a case. re-enacting the official enquiry
Activity: Sorting and explaining causes
Plenary: Discuss results of the activity: pupils explain the reasons for their choices
Follow up: Empathising with an historical character. summarising the main points
Test Question: A sample examination type question requiring reasons to be explained
A markscheme with levels of response is provided

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