Sand Creek Lesson:Sorting and Explaining Causes Sorting and Explaining Causes

1. Sort out which of the following were causes of the Sand Creek Massacre
2. Divide them into those which were to do with Chivington & Evans and those which were not.
3. Explain in what way they helped to make the incident happen at Sand Creek.

Chivington was a Methodist Minister
He was six feet inches tall
The troops were only enlisted fro 100 days
Seven hundred troops fought 500 Cheyenne
It was snowing, the temperature was low
The Cheyenne were camped away from Fort Lyon
Extra regular troops were not available because of the Civil War
Chivington (and Evans) wanted to lead Colorado when it became a state
He ran a church
A mood of panic was created in Denver
Black Kettle was flying an American flag
The quality of the troops was poor
Chivington said “Nits make Lice” and “Kill all Indians”
He was ambitious to lead men into battle
Fighting Indians would win Chivington (and Evans) votes.

Follow up:

1. I was there
Choose to be a person who was there and write a detailed account of what happened and how you felt about it.

2. Summarise what happened in six bullet points, making sure you include all the important details.

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