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Welcome to my Homepage

Welcome to my Homepage


Objective: Explaining causes and examining how they interlink
Skills: To identify a sequence of events
To fully explain in writing
To reach a conclusion involving the relative strength of causes and how they interlink
Introduction: Starter: Identify a seven point sequence of the killing of the buffalo from the information given. You may use a blank “Sequencer” for this.
Information sheet: The Killing of the Buffalo
Talking points: Identifying causes, and explaining them, what does it mean?
Sequencing: Information needs to be read to complete this. It makes a good starter
Using Sources: Starter: Put the sources into order. Pupils may put them into order of relevance, grouping them or merely put them into date order.
Using Sources: Main: Record which writers of the sources considered that the killing of the buffalo was a good thing and which considered that it was bad.+ follow up (worksheet available by e mail)
Activity: Use a writing frame to produce a written answer to two questions
Plenary: Discuss results of the activity: pupils explain the causes and how they interlink
Test Question: A sample examination type question requiring explanation of causes
A markscheme with levels of response is provided

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